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Best security services in Pune

Tired of looking for professional security agency in Pune? If your search of finding best security services in Pune is still not over, then you have finally landed at right website. Nestled in Pimpri Chinchwad, Poona Security Investigation & Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd. offers trained and professional security services in Pune.

Established in the year 1962 by Late Mr. N. M. Kamte, I.P. (Retd) M.B.E., the first Indian Inspector General of Police of the erstwhile Bombay State, the organization is reckoned as a leading security agency in Pune.

In the past 60 years, the company has served more than 50 esteemed and well-established industrial units. The organization is headed by a team of highly qualified experts who understand the clients’ needs and strive to meet their specific security requirements.

The parent organization Expert Services Bureau (P) Ltd, which was later separated as Poona Security Investigation & Consultancy Services Pvt Ltd in 1976, has a broad network established in Pune, Satara, Sangli, Kolhapur, and Ratnagiri districts.

Security Guards WorkingThe company is looking further to expand its services in Nashik, Ahmednagar, Aurangabad, and Solapur Districts. The company renders cost-effective and reliable security services in Pune, including Guarding, Electronic Security, Security Audits and Surveys, QRT Services, Night Vigilance, VIP Protection, Ceremonial Services etc. 

The company’s mission is to provide exceptional security and allied services to meet the demand for varied security purposes. By providing exemplary and trained security guard, Poona Security helps companies focus on their core business. The company aims to meet the industry demand and match the new standards of quality and service. The company does this by offering efficient services that work closely with the clients and take all the measures to ensure their personal safety and prevent any losses. 

The company provides services across multiple industries such as manufacturing units, banks, hospitals, government organizations, IT & Communication, and retail that allow companies to proactively manage their business. The company is associated with some reputed organizations like Bharat Forge Ltd., Kalyani Group, Kirloskar Oil Engines Ltd, Kirloskar Brothers Ltd, Garware Group, Finolex Industries Limited, Capgemini Software, Mahindra CIE etc for 30+ years

The company’s strength lies in providing disciplined, trained, and dedicated security guard with 100% background verification to ensure quality. The customized services and reasonable charges of security services in Pune have helped companies bestow their trust in Poona Security Investigation & Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd.

Services We Offer

Here is a list of security services that we are offering:

  1. Security Guards

    To ensure safety and security, the company offers trained and dedicated security guard services in Pune who understand the functioning of the organizations and provide the best services. 

    The company also provides trained lady security guards, especially to deal with women clientele. These lady security guards are trained to perform security checkups and deal with women at workplaces.

  2. Electronic Security Service

    With the advancement of technology, the company ensures that the security gaurd are equipped with the latest technologies and gadgets like metal detectors, breathe analyzers, CCTV surveillance, thus providing electronic surveillance, and adding value to the services of the company.

  3. QRT (Quick Response Team)

    The Quick Response team is responsible for taking quick action according to the developing situations. During an emergency, the team is needed and provides the solution in the shortest time to tackle the emerging situations.

  4. Security Surveys and Audit Service

    The security personnel in the company are trained to find the vulnerabilities in the companies and report them. The audits help companies identify the gap and mitigate the risk associated with it.

  5. Night Vigilance Service

    Companies no longer have to stress about their safety and security during odd hours. The alert and active night vigilance service provided by the company coupled with surprise visits by our field officers help to keep the hawk’s eye and ensure the safety of the company.

  6. VIP Protection Service

    The company provides VIP security services in Pune, to Chief Guests, VIP personnel, celebrities thus managing their safety at Company events, functions, or conferences as our premium corporate security service.

  7. Ceremonial Services

    The team of trained security personnel provides ceremonial services on special days like Independence Day, Republic Day, or any special occasion. They ensure that each event takes place seamlessly.

  8. Mock Drills

    The team of dedicated professionals is trained to deal with all uncertain situations. The team works relentlessly during the crisis and ensures maximum safety and security. Mock drills help them stay on their toes and perform activities. Regular training sessions ensure that any untoward incidence is properly dealt with.

  9. Fire Safety Service

    The security personnel practices fire safety and training regularly to mitigate the risk when the situation arises in residential as well as industrial areas. Under our residential security and Industry security service, Poona Security is always up and available.

The company has a team of dedicated and trained professionals determined to offer high-end security services in Pune. 

What Makes It Most Reliable Security Agency in Pune?

Security Survey and AuditThe factor that has helped the company consistently deliver impeccable results in the last few years is the well-trained security personnel who undergo a strong and organized recruitment process, pre-induction, and off-site training of security guards as per the PSARA Act.

The entire process is conducted under the guidance of top trainers, and consistent feedback from the clients to whom the security guard is provided helps the company improve its services. 

To meet the quality standards and offer reliable security services in Pune, the company hires security personnel after screening the candidate based on attributes such as experience, honesty, courtesy, interest, and motivation. The personnel can be trained according to the industry requirements; however, these attributes are prominent to offer varied services. Thus, much more emphasis is given to these attributes during the recruitment process. Poona Security also provides Ex-Servicemen under our security guard services in Pune, Maharastra.

Ceremonial ServicesThe in-house training offered to the security staff is conducted by a dedicated team who perform according to the legal framework (PSARA) and possess all the knowledge and skills about Standard Operational Procedures (SOP). The team of our security personnels is offered training to handle various critical situations such as fire fighting, First aid/CPR, Emergency evacuation, Intelligence and vigilance, Bomb threats, BMS/CCTV operations, controlling violent and mob situations, etc. 

The company doesn’t only stress much on the training and development of the candidates but make sure they are well-disciplined and groomed, experienced, medically fit, professional, efficient, and most important, are background and reference checked.

The company also ensures that security staff is trained in soft skills such as communication, clear and calm thinking, honesty, and critical thinking, making it the most reliable and comprehensive security service provider than other competitors. 

Security Features

Here is a list of security features offered by the company : 

  1. A Security survey of the site is conducted before making the initial offer. This gives a clear estimate of the number of people required at the site. 
  2. A team is dedicated to your site. Patrolling is done by unit personnel, and day/night checks are conducted by Field Managers and Area Managers regularly. 
  3. The company has evolved its security features with the latest technology. Equipment like CCTV Cameras, Burglar’s Alarm, Video Door Phones, Access Control Systems, Metal Detectors, Breathe Analyzers, and other related Electronic, Digital, and Audio Visual devices are operated for monitoring purposes. 
  4. The company has obtained a License from Competent Authority under the Private Security Agencies Act, 2005, to provide Security Services in the whole State of Maharashtra. We are proud to state that the first PSARA License of the state of Maharashtra has been procured by Poona Security.
  5. The company keeps seeking regular feedback from clients and helps the security staff equip with the latest industry requirement. 
  6. The company has a strong, up-to-date database to monitor all the transactions between security personnel and clients. 
  7. Various inquiry and investigation services are conducted by the company, encompassing civil, industrial, and criminal matters, including theft investigation, pre-employment screening, post-employment investigation, counter-surveillance etc.

What Makes It Unique?

Security Guards TrainingWhat makes you feel safe in your home nation? What makes you feel safe in your home? What makes you focus on your work and not stress about the safety of your organization? The answer is the people employed to make you feel safe and secure. Security is the most desired factor in the state of well-being. 

Here at Poona Security, you find more than this. The company has managed to redefine the security industry by offering high-quality, Nobel, and professional security services in Pune for varied security purposes. 

  • The company has managed to work with several esteemed organizations and marked its presence as a top market leader. The management and the entire security staff believe in the company’s mission and are determined to meet the set parameters of quality.

  • Apart from ERP-system based approach, the company closely monitors the recruitment, scrutiny, and employee welfare programs. As a result, the company can boast more than 2000 employees and offer the best retention rate.

  • The in-house training and vigilant monitoring by the senior professionals help in the smooth functioning of the organization. This enables the company to provide a safe and comfortable environment, handle employee grievances effectively and stay updated with the recent industry trends. The reward and recognition policy in the organization also helps to foster the performance of the employees and make them feel recognized.

  • The company has an excellent track record of 60 years of offering specialized security services in Maharashtra, making it the industry leader. The company understands every little nuance of the industry and knows how to cater to specific client requirements. The company has managed to offer highly customized services at an affordable price which brings them repeated contracts over time.

  • The employee policies in the company are favorable, with zero track records of disputes to date. No record of a labor union has emerged in the company.

  • The company observes a No-Tolerance Policy if any staff member is involved in illicit activities such as drinking on duty, divulging confidential information, sleeping on duty, making female associates uncomfortable, etc.

  • A dedicated team of field officers and area managers is deployed to perform routine checkups.

  • Since security guards are the first line of defense against any abnormal situation, it is important to provide them an advanced training to deal with any emerging situation. The company has an on-site training team performing under Private Security Agencies Regulation Act, 2005 (PSARA) that offers formal training guidelines to the security personnel.

  • The company has a team of dedicated staff who work in various industries and events and offer bouncers, bodyguards, crowd controllers etc. If you are searching for temporary security guard services in Pune, it is the right time to contact the company. 

Bottom Line

24x7 VigilanceIf you are searching for the right security agency in Pune, there is a lot at stake for not choosing a 100% reliable company. You can’t work with a non-compliant company, specifically when dealing with sensitive matters of security. Search for a company that provides good security services in Pune handles all the sensitive cases and ensures maximum safety during unprecedented situations. 

Check if the company has a mandated security license to offer services or not. Poona Security Investigation & Consultancy Services Pvt Ltd is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company and has got 1st PSARA License in Pune from Jt. Commissioner of Police, Pune/Competent Authority under Private Security Agencies (Regulation) Act 2005.

Having years of hand-on-experience in handling security services coupled with positive reviews and feedback from current and former clients is the indicator that the security service provider is reliable, and you can expect the same quality services.

Security professionals are the backbone to run the entire security service business, and their satisfaction is a great parameter to decide the retention level. Check with the level of training they are offered, and they are getting compensated adequately according to the industry standards. 

Get in touch with us so you can ask us questions or raise concerns that will help you complete this checklist for yourself.